Levy and Donze Have a Long History of Technological Innovation

Donze was acquired in 2001 by the Edw. C. Levy Co. of Detroit, Michigan, a major international steel mill service provider.This acquisition was a part of Levy’s strategy for international expansion and diversification. Today, Levy and Donze supply torches, equipment, and outsourced flame services for the steel industry worldwide.

Slab Conditioning

In 2002, Levy contracted with ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor to design, construct, and operate the world’s most modern steel surface slab conditioning facility. The facility deploys Donze proprietary technologies, including a robotic scarfing unit to remove defects from slab surfaces, producing pharmaceutically clean slabs for automotive applications.

The facility operated by Levy scarfs up to 90,000 tons of steel slabs per month. The scarfing plant has been in operation since July 2003 and scarfs over 1 Million tons per year. Since startup, the mill has realized improved quality, yield savings, and a reduction in ongoing operating costs.

Burrless Cutting for Plate Mills

Levy designed and built the first automated “burrless” steel cutting facility in Burns Harbor based upon Donze and Levy patented technology. The company’s proprietary approach allows the slabs to be cut without forming a burr on the bottom of the slab and saves deburring labor and provides improved quality.

The facility is maintained by Levy while operated by ArcelorMittal plate mill employees and deploys four automated steel cutting tables to produce over 180,000 tons of subdivided slabs per month.

Up to five “child” slabs can be cut in a single operation, and one operator per shift can produce over 90,000 tons of finished product per month.

The kerf width has been reduced to only 1/4 inch, significantly improving yield, and steel grades sensitive to thermal shock cracking can now be cut at significantly higher temperatures, avoiding plate or strip edge cracks.

Burrless Steel Cutting and Slitting

In 2006, Levy secured a contract with United States Steel to install 14 burrless slab slitting machines designed to produce in excess of 200,000 tons per month. Operations commenced in the 1st Q 2007 with eight machines currently operating. The remaining machines began operating in July of 2008, and includes new machines that provide edge trimming capabilities.