Steel Slitting FAQs

Can the System Slit Hot Steel Slabs?

The "burrless steel slitting" system can be designed for hot slabs but slabs must be loaded and off loaded by magnets, therefore the steel temperature must be below curie point.

We De-burr Slabs Online Mechanically. Can We Retrofit Our Current System with Your Technology?

The current systems cannot be implemented on roller tables. The design of Levy’s facility is such that it is always done off-line but at a pace that can keep up with the casting machine's production rate.

Can Levy’s System Trim Slab Edges?

The system is suitable for cutting a small part of the slab, or edge trimming, but a separate steel slitting machine specialized for this application is used. Cutting a mother-slab into two daughter slabs is performed by another piece or pieces of automated equipment. A single operator can run both systems in one slitting facility.