Burrless Steel Cutting Testimonials

Levy’s Customer Has Seen The Advantage of “Burrless” Slab Cutting Machines

Levy designed and built the first automated “burrless” slab cutting facility in Burns Harbor based upon Donze and Levy patented technology.

The facility is maintained by Levy, while operated by ArcelorMittal plate mill employees and deploys two automated slab cutting tables to produce 90,000 tons of subdivided slabs per month, as each machine can cut 50,000 tons per month.

Up to five “child” burrless slabs can be cut in a single operation, and one operator per shift can produce over 90,000 tons of finished product per month.

The kerf width has been reduced to only 1/4 inch, significantly improving yield, and steel grades sensitive to thermal shock cracking can now be cut at significantly higher temperatures avoiding plate or strip edge cracks.

ArcelorMittal customer satisfaction is high:

“The cost savings of not scarfing and the added benefit of having slabs ready to charge immediately after burning has enabled slab delivery on a more timely basis at much lower cost per ton than our previous operations. In addition, we have been able to burn the higher alloy and carbon grades without pre-heating, thus eliminating a costly step with our pre-heaters.”