Donze heavy duty oxy-cutting nozzles are designed for a wide range of applications with the goal of speeding operations, optimizing cutting kerf and minimizing oxygen and gas consumption. The specially designed geometry of the nozzles head optimizes the protection of gas and oxygen outlet and supports the cooling of the torch. Internal mixing of the gas and oxygen, conical seat, and brass nut increase the level of safety of our nozzles.


Safer, lower cost, more versatile  

Donze oxy-cutting nozzles represent the forefront of technology available today and will provide you an advantage over your competition.  

  • Faster cutting process  
  • Safer : Internal mix and conical sealing 
  • Longer life (can be repaired two times)  
  • Wide range of applications and pressures  
  • An average of 5 dBA quieter than conventional nozzles
  • Intensively tested  
  • All our nozzles are flame-tested before shipping  
  • Better edges and corners 


Cutting Nozzles


    Nozzles MDZ853

    • Compatibles with MDZ853 torches 
    • Can be used to cut Billets, Blooms, Slabs and Scrap 
    • Can be used on hot and cold products 
    • Made to cut thickness from 120 to 600mm (4,7 to 23,6 inches  /  0,4 to 1,97 feet )
    • Cutting speed from 80 to 600mm/min   (3,15 to 23,6 inches/min / 0,26 to 1,97 feet/min) 

    Nozzles MDZ1053

    • Compatibles with MDZ1053 torches 
    • Made for scrap cutting 
    • Made to cut thickness from 400 to 800mm (15,75 to 31,5 inches / 1,31 to 2,62 feet) 

    Nozzles MDZ2053

    • Compatibles with MDZ2053 torches 
    • Made for scrap cutting
    • Made to cut thickness from 800 to 2000mm (4,7 to 23,6 inches  /  0,4 to 1,97 feet) – for more, contact us
    • Cutting speed from 50 to 100mm/min (1,2 to 3,9 inches/min  /  0,16 to 0,33 feet/min) 

    On-demand nozzles 

    We are able to design on-demand nozzles specifically adapted to your needs : type of sealing (flat, conical…), cutting thickness, steel hardness, cutting speed, product heat… in order to adapt to your products and to the equipment you are used to.


    Scarfing Nozzles

    • Made for hand scarfing or machine scarfing 
    • Protected with a wearing ring 



      All of our nozzles can be completely refurbished two times, which reduces the costs while multiplying the lifetime of our nozzles by almost 3. 

      Our refurbishing process includes remachining of the holes, surfaces and sealing, cleaning, as well as sealing and flame testing.