Donze regulation and safety products are part of advanced steel slab cutting and conditioning solutions in some of the largest steel mills in the world. We are revolutionizing the steel cutting process, with proprietary technology and breakthrough operational expertise.

    Regulation Panels and Lines

    This equipment is compact and comprises a gas pressure regulator, an electrically operated valve and safety appliances (flashback arrestors). These products allow fast and easy mounting and dismounting for periodical servicing, and with the alignment of their inlet and outlet joints they are easily installed on existing pipes. They are available for all types of oxy‑cutting gases and adapted to flow rates up to 250 Nm3 /h with 15 bar (217.5 psi) upstream and 12 bar (174 psi) downstream.

    • Custom built according to customer specifications
    • Capable of regulating high pressure gases – electronically controlled
    • Designed to be portable and easy to install and mount
    • Protected with safety flash back arrestors
    • Can be completed with gas filters to enhance their service life

    Flashback arrestors

    Flashback arrestors are used to protect gas cylinders and pipeline outlet points (hoses and any equipment) against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks.

    • Large surface area flame arrestor made of stainless steel
    • Extinguishes any dangerous flashback entering the device in any direction
    • Temperature-sensitive cutoff
    • Spring-loaded, non-return valve
    • Gas inlet filter protects the arrestor against dirt contamination, extending the life span
    • May be mounted in any position/orientation
    • Suitable for torches and cutting machines with high flow


    • Diaphragm regulator
    • Nominal inlet pressure: 50 bar (725.2 psi)
    • Adjustable outlet pressure: 0.5 bar (7.25 psi) to 12 bar (174.0 psi)
    • Maximum flow rate up to 800 Nm3 /h (498 SCFM)
    • 1 LP gauge
    • Inlet/outlet 25.4mm (1 in.) BSP F
    • Suitable for any non-corrosive gas (oxygen, natural gas, acetylene…)

    Options :

    • Reinforced lid
    • Custom fittings
    • Maintenance kit

    Solenoid Valves 

    • Two way shut-off valves for the control air, inert gas, water, oil and other gases/liquids compatible with the sealing material used
    • Valves do not require a minimum operating pressure
    • Temperature range : -20°C to +85°C (-4°F to +185°F)

    Options :

    • Explosionproof enclosures for use in ATEX 2-3 zones
    • Custom fittings


    • Placed upstream of the gas panel, it protects the components from dust and increases their life span
    • Filtration up to 5µm


    • Hoses of any size to supply oxygen and gases to your installations
    • Can be classic, metal braided, stainless steel
    • Can be protected with a fireproof & thermic sleeving
    • Custom fittings

    Hose reel

    • Protects and enhance the life span of your hoses
    • Classic or with automatic return
    • For one or two hoses
    • For hoses up to DN16
    • Custom fittings